Gilbert-Ash is an award-winning UK construction and fit-out contractor.

How does Gilbert-Ash use SustainIQ?

Gilbert-Ash use SustainIQ to capture and report on their sustainability performance across all of their offices and projects. The information is compiled centrally in the SustainIQ reporting dashboard and used by multiple departments across the business including:

  • The Bid Department;
  • PR & Marketing Department;
  • HR & Quality Department;
  • Safety, Health & Environmental (SHE) Department;
  • Contracting Department;
  • Surveying Department.

What information is captured:


  • Calculate socio economic impact of local supply chains;
  • Calculate the volume of recycled material used across projects;


  • Waste management activities (including diversion from landfill);
  • Emissions from energy & transport;
  • Water usage;
  • Biodiversity;

Employees & Workforce:

  • Training across projects;
  • Apprenticeship & placement opportunities;
  • Diversity initiatives;

Community Impact:

  • Community, volunteering & education engagements;
  • Charitable donations.

What do they use the information for:

  • Reporting on project performance;
  • Including within new tender submissions;
  • Annual Company Sustainability Performance (see image)

SustainIQ has enabled us to quantify our social impacts and gather stakeholder feedback across all of our business operations throughout the UK.

Maria Bradley, HR & Quality Director at Gilbert-Ash

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